Augusta, Georgia: Thriving Riverfront City

Offers More than Golf

Official Augusta, GA Website:

Located on the shores of the Savannah River, just across the border from South Carolina, Augusta is carving a bigger niche for itself among big-city America. Second to Atlanta in size the traditional deep south image—that of horse pastures, cotton and peach tree fields—has plagued Augusta for decades, but recent downtown improvements, paired with good marketing and media coverage, have helped her forge a wider appeal: a frothy blend of old world charm and big-city savvy.

Certainly Augusta could be called one of the new southern Meccas if for nothing more than its world class golf course. But it offers so much more, both old and new.

River Walk—Revitalized Cotton Works

In the mid '90s Augusta's historic, but run-down, riverfront was renovated. This stretch of industrial waterfront was once quite possibly the busiest cotton shipping spot in the South. Today the downtown River Walk buzzes with shops, restaurants, and hotel business. There is an amphitheatre, garden nooks, wide treed walkways and fountains. Visitors and locals enjoy regular arts and music events that help keep this key historic area a booming hotspot and an area with plenty of room left to grow.

Elite Golf

The annual Masters Golf Tournament may be credited with bringing Augusta into households across America. The Augusta National Golf Club remains one of the most traditional, exclusive, and beautiful. Membership is private and open only to males. The membership list features the names of key players in business and industry, both national and regional. Golf enthusiasts wising for a piece of Augusta green, however, may tee up on one of the other less exclusive and public courses in the area: Augusta Municipal Golf Course, Forest Hills Golf Club, Goshen Plantation, and Mount Vintage Plantation and Golf Course, among others.

This is Horse Country

Ever heard that Augusta was big horse country? One of the most compelling aspects of horse competition—barrel racing—is alive and well in the region. In fact the National Barrel Horse Association maintains its home quarters in the city. National barrel racing championships are held annually during end of October to early November in Augusta.