• Population- 4,753,370
  • Capital- Denver
  • Largest cities– Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora
  • Time zone- Mountain
  • Date of Admission to the Union- August 1, 1876
  • Slogan- Nil sine numine, or “Nothing Without God”
  • State website URL-

Often called the Rock Mountain state, Colorado is best recognized for its world-class ski resorts and general draw for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Especially popular is the sport of mountain climbing and Colorado boasts some of the tallest peaks in the range. Pike’s Peak served as a stopping off point for gold prospectors heading west in the mid 1800s. Here, too, there ended up being a serendipitous vein of gold, which drove its own small Gold Rush. In fact the gold digging had been so good in California that many hoped Pike’s Peak would turn out the same. After the Gold Rush died out many people gave lip service to Colorado’s overall great climate. Before tuberculosis was contained, many patients came to Colorado in search of medical and environmental relief from the ailment.

Winter sports are extremely popular in the state and the U.S. Olympic Committee maintains it headquarters, as well as its principal training venue. If at first glance it seems as though tourism may fuel the majority of Colorado’s economy, think again. The military presence within the state is significant. A number of critical military bases dot the territory and the military is the number one economic vehicle in the state. Large military contractors, such as Lockheed Martin and ITT, make up a large chunk of the economic pie. The U.S. Air Force Academy, NORAD, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) make up even more valuable economic assets.

Many sports fans may follow one of Colorado’s dozen or so professional and team franchises. From the Denver Nuggets, to the Denver Broncos, there is a team for almost every sport. Since beer and sports go together it makes sense that Golden, Colorado is home to Molson Coors Brewing Company as it has been for generations.