• Population- 1,321,600
  • Capital- Augusta
  • Largest cities– Portland, Lewiston, Bangor
  • Time zone- Eastern
  • Date of Admission to the Union- March 15,1820
  • Slogan- Dirigo, or “I lead”
  • State website URL-

A mix of economic and agricultural strengths set Maine apart from the other 49 states. Blueberries are a commodity. The short bushes grow everywhere and the state leads in production of blueberries. Products advertising Maine blueberries are sold across the country. Another strength is the lobster business. Maine lobster is legendary and a delicacy everywhere. The businesses of lobstering and fishing remain popular along the upper New England coastline.

L.L. Bean has become a household retailer thanks to the company’s well-targeted catalogs. The headquarters is located in Freeport, Maine. Visitors will not be disappointed with the main store: it’s stocked and provides a comprehensive selection of almost every catalog item, plus plenty of items beyond the catalog offerings.

Not far from Freeport, Bath, Maine is the site for Bath Iron Works. The company occupies a large chunk of the visual space of the town as it probably has for the last 120 years. The shipyard has been a viable piece of the state’s economy and continues to build military warships.

Much of Maine remains uninhabited or loosely populated, particularly the northern most region. The lumber business is significant and the wood goes to creating any number of products.

Acadia National Park is a popular tourist destination. Visitors often come for the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, usually from a windswept cliff high above the rough and chilly surf. This area of New England coastline features craggy drops, wind and salt carved conifers, and smooth rocky outcroppings. Further up the Maine coast a small island, Machias Seal Island, lies close to both Maine and Canada. No one knows exactly which entity owns the rocky island. A debate such as this is uncommon in modern history and arguments continue to be made for either side. Also located in this same Atlantic Coast region is the Old Sow Whirlpool. Oceanographers claim this is one of four other significant whirlpools located at various places around the globe.