New Mexico

  • Population- 1,954,600
  • Capital- Santa Fe
  • Largest cities– Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe
  • Time zone- Mountain
  • Date of Admission to the Union- January 6, 1912
  • Slogan- Crescit eundo, or “It grows as it goes”
  • State website URL-

New Mexico has nearly two-dozen national parks. This owes to the abundance of natural wonder that attracts visitors every year. One of the most unusual sites is the White Sands National Monument, a large expanse of white gypsum dunes. This interesting microenvironment is created when gypsum crystals are windswept from the floor of an ancient lakebed and driven into sugary soft dunes that are in continual motion from the wind.

Georgia O’Keefe, 20 th century painter, lived in New Mexico and found unending inspiration in the state’s natural sites. Writer, D. H. Lawrence also took up residence in the state. In fact, over the years New Mexico has attracted scores of writers and artists, some seeking short-term escape. In some cases, artists never left.

Zozobra, a unique festival held in Santa Fe each year, features the burning of a huge male effigy, called Old Man Gloom. The festival symbolizes the letting go of the past year’s bad luck and renewed hope for the next year. The festival is a visual spectacle and attracts thousands. Another popular annual event is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Hundreds of balloonists from across the globe make the pilgrimage to Albuquerque. For balloon enthusiasts this is the event to see. In Santa Fe, the Loretto Chapel is firmly believed to be the site of a miracle. The Sisters say the chapel’s intricate spiral staircase was not the work of mortal hands; it would be physically impossible, they say.

The Hispanic population is larger in New Mexico than in any other state. Overall, New Mexico is known for its very diverse representation.

Economically the state earns big money from federal government projects. A handful of critical Air Force bases, research labs and sites like Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory, are located around the state, as well as the new age Virgin Galactic space tourism project.