Find an Atlanta Apartment for Rent

Choose from Cheap to Extravagant

As long as business and industry remain robust in Atlanta you can expect the apartment market to remain sturdy. This means that if you are looking for an apartment your chances of finding deals will hinge primarily on two factors: job growth and housing market. Why these two factors?

When Business is Up

Atlanta’s business growth has remained steady even in the face of spongy home sales. This vibrant metro area offers everything the young cosmopolitan professional is looking for: excellent and diverse nightlife, a bounty of Bohemian to upscale eateries, an expanding job market, and vibrant art and culture. This population is not yet ready to buy a home, may only be planning on a stint of work time in Atlanta, and may simply prefer apartment living. In Midtown Atlanta some of the more upscale apartments have gone up. Spend the money on these and you get a view of the skyline, quick access to the hottest downtown haunts, and some of the Southeast’s poshest loft-style digs.

For career movers just outside the Metro Atlanta area, apartments in Gwinnett County are popular for techies working in the area. When the jobs are booming you’ll not find the great perks that many middle of the road apartment complexes may offer and rents are inflated. This remains a fairly robust market.

Find Unique Atlanta Apartments

Some of the more unique apartments in Atlanta are those located in renovated warehouses—new lofts--in the emerging down town neighborhoods. You’ll not always find these listed in the commercial apartment guides to Atlanta, but more likely in the indie weekly Creative Loafing or the monthly Atlanta magazine. A good way to find them is just by driving through.

Also, check local classifieds for apartments in some of the older downtown homes. You can find good values in this market in most of the Midtown, Ansley-Park, and the Virginia-Highlands area.

Housing Market Effect

When the Atlanta housing market is booming, as it was prior to early 2007, many apartment dwellers opt for home purchases. This exodus from the apartment market can spell rent relief, but when the tables turn, it’s quite the opposite.