Sell or Flip Your Atlanta, GA House

Get Top Price for Your Home

The Atlanta real estate market has been one of the hottest since the mid 90s. Buying and selling a home in the greater Atlanta area has been relatively easy, but the larger U.S. housing market has experienced both highs and lows which have effected some aftershock even in this robust economy. Atlanta based home sellers will have a bit more challenge than those buying, but if you play your cards right you may barely notice how sluggish the housing market remains outside the area.

Atlanta Real Estate Selling Strategy

The Atlanta market is unique in that it remains absolutely rock solid in home sales and buys. This metro area is the biggest in the Southeast. Business and industry continue to flood the downtown, trussing up the economy and bringing in new residents—homebuyers that need home sellers like you.

Squeeze the Biggest Perks from Your House’s Value

Before you set a price for your home or put it on the market here are a few decisions you will have to make:

  • Will you use a real estate agent or will you manage your own for-sale-by-owner deal?
  • Have you explored the larger Atlanta home sales? Your specific neighborhood trends?
  • What are your home’s biggest advantages? Best qualities?
  • What are your neighborhood’s marketable advantages?

Atlanta’s Real Estate Niches

Atlanta is renowned for its niche real estate markets—quaint and established neighborhoods like Inman Park, ritzy communities, like Buckhead, tucked back in lush wooded hills, and emerging neighborhoods like Kirkwood that offer a distinctive Bohemian flair. Regardless of the type of neighborhood the point is that you will be at an advantage in the selling market if you are able to make buyers believe that your community is their next home. What sets your Atlanta neighborhood apart, why are you selling if it’s so good and why would someone want to buy in that area?

Get Your House Ready to Sell

Once you’ve come up with the marketing strategy and decided on a real estate agent or to go it alone, you’ll want to get your home in tip-top shape: clean it on the outside, clean it on the inside. Beef up your landscaping or arrange some seasonal potted plants outside your front door. Remove as much household clutter as is possible from sight of homebuyers and real estate agents. If you’ve chosen an Atlanta real estate agent to help you sell your home then he or she will likely tell you exactly what you must do to make your home as attractive as possible. Follow their advice and you should have little problem.