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Atlanta, Georgia is a driver’s city. You won’t find bicycles or scooters here. The city is sprawling and busy. The interstates that wrap around downtown are clogged in the morning and in the evening with rush hour traffic bottlenecks. Residents here drive a lot. With this comes some not so cheap car insurance. How can you find the best rates in Atlanta and which company should you go with?

Part of the cost of your auto insurance in metro Atlanta will be commensurate with the type of vehicle you choose to drive. Expect that if you commute 20 miles each way, 5-days a week in a Porsche that your car insurance in Atlanta will be significantly more than if you drove 10 miles each way in a 5 year old Honda Civic.

In busy Atlanta there is no excuse for not shopping for the best car insurance deal. You have probably a hundred or so options for agents, likely dozens just within your community. Insurance rates have so many variables attached to them and you cheat yourself if you go with the first quote you receive.

Finding a Car Insurance Agent

You can compare insurance company prices either online or over the phone. Most likely your most accurate quotes will be by phone. You actually get to talk to someone who may ask you very specific questions, more detailed than what you will be asked online. Once you are satisfied with a company then you choose an agent. Usually your choice of agent is one closest or most convenient either to work or home.

Does the agent take time to tell you about all the necessary aspects of the plan? Make sure you talk with someone who is available to give you the time to make an informed decision and an agent that will show you how best to save money on your plan. Atlanta is a huge metropolitan area and where you live, type of car you drive, number of additional drivers you may have in your household, your age and driving record, how far you drive each day, and how old your car is may add up to huge differences between insurance companies.