Access Your Credit Score as an Atlanta Resident

Did You Get Your Free Credit Report This Year?

One of the country’s top three credit reporting agencies is located smack dab in downtown Atlanta. Equifax, known to the corporate world as an information provider, is considered one of the most powerful leaders in the business of credit and fraud protection.

Ironically the credit and fraud industry hit home to Atlantans in the early part of 2007. Following a decade of brisk real estate business, the market crumbled. In its wake were the clear remains of a mortgage lending business that had overstepped its bounds in extending home loans to borrowers with high-risk credit. This is not to say that all mortgage lenders were making fraudulent deals, but there was evidence of a much higher threshold of risky lending.

The lending debacle put the Atlanta home market on serious alert. As more and more homes ended up in foreclosure the credit business tightened.

Atlanta’s Credit Record

Since early 2007 the topic of consumer credit has been bandied about, particularly when talk of real estate and home loans comes up. High-risk mortgages will not go over in Atlanta anymore, no matter how good the market may look. A new emphasis is on making smart loans to borrowers with good credit records.

How Do You Know If You Have Good Credit?

Atlanta consumers, like those in any other areas of the country should be taking advantage of the government guarantee: a free annual credit report from each of the credit reporting companies. The truth is you don’t know the status of your credit unless you apply for a loan or make the effort to ask for your free annual credit report. Atlanta residents: contact for copies of your free annual credit reports.

Check your reports for any unauthorized or suspicious activity. This is critical if you are planning on a major purchase. Your credit report is crucial. Damage your rating and it could take you years to rebound. If you’re even considering a home loan in the Atlanta market you now know that lenders are only approving qualified borrowers. Make sure you know what to anticipate before you talk with a mortgage loan officer.