Atlanta Health Insurance Providers

Insure You, Your Family, or Employees

Health insurance is almost as necessary as auto insurance, but falls short of being a law. If you are a professional businessperson employed by a company in Atlanta then chances are good that a part of your benefit package is personal health insurance. This is a huge perk offered by corporations to their employees. It may be comprehensive enough to cover all your necessary expenses, but in most cases you may want to fill in gaps or participate in a flex-spending plan, another popular perk that companies offer.

But what if you are one of the millions of other Atlantans in jobs that do not pay full insurance coverage, what if you’re self-employed or run your own small business? How do you cover yourself, your family and your business?

Healthcare Coverage from Your Atlanta-Based Company

Okay, so your company in Midtown Atlanta includes health insurance as part of your benefit package, but do you really know what the plan covers? Chances are good that if you are like other people, unless you’ve actually had to use the coverage, you have little real knowledge of your plan’s scope. Your plan may not include a late night and very costly trip to Grady Hospital Emergency Room or that ride in the ambulance to Emory University’s Emergency Department. Ouch that could really kill your wallet.

Make sure you take the time to talk with your company’s Human Resources representative about exactly what types of coverage your plan affords you. In some cases you get partial or no dental or vision coverage. In this case you could save money on your auxiliary healthcare bills if you participate in a flex spending account—save pre-tax earnings that can be used later for expenses like contact lenses and glasses or routine dental care.

Personal Health Insurance

Personal healthcare insurance is often out of the reach for many average Americans. Thousands of Atlantans live without health insurance and in many cases those that work for small businesses have meager incomes, too little to afford their own health insurance. Hopes are good that by July 2008 that under Georgia law small business owners, too strapped to offer their employees a health insurance plan will have access to a group styled option that will let them extend a variety of affordable plans to their employees.