Find Atlanta Listings of Foreclosure Property

Close on a Real Estate Deal

During the housing boom of the early 2000s the Atlanta housing market was absolutely on fire. Home sellers were making a killing off the going home value and home buyers were spending much more to get whatever value they could squeeze out of a home. Also a major factor was the over construction of new homes and condos that were projected to be necessary to feed the demand. Everyone “qualified” for a home mortgage—jumbos, adjustables, hybrids, and balloons--even borrowers traditionally considered credit risks were sold high-risk mortgage loans.

In early to mid-2007 the suspected housing bubble broke leaving most high-risk borrowers unable to pay and bogus, fly by night lenders sitting on empty homes in foreclosure. The Atlanta foreclosure market is brisker than in many other areas of the country, a direct reaction to the earlier boom.

Boom for Savvy Investors

If you know what you’re doing in the realm of home investment, Atlanta’s foreclosure market could spell a financial windfall. Homes in the Atlanta downtown area have been elegantly bought up, renovated, and turned over by the hundreds. There is little doubt that older homes, especially Bungalows and cottage styles in emerging neighborhoods pack solid value. For seasoned real estate investors these homes are choice.

Newbie Home Investors on the Loose

Part of the problem with a brisk foreclosure market is the preponderance of fly-by-night and first-time real estate investment amateurs vying for a housing steal. Television shows like “Flip This House” inspire unwitting consumers unprepared for the rigors and challenges that come with a house gotten by foreclosure.

So what’s the harm in buying a foreclosed home in Atlanta? No harm if you know your market, but for novice investors, tales of “investment” homes beyond repair, and general poor choices are rampant when foreclosures increase. Everyone wants a piece of the Atlanta home market pie and they should, it’s generally a good market even when flat.

Begin with Research

Experts in buying Atlanta foreclosures have been at it even when the market was not in their favor, well before there was a boom. They have intimate knowledge of the Atlanta home market nuances, where the best values are, the most up and coming neighborhoods, and what to avoid altogether. Before you dive head first into a foreclosure investment, do the right homework. The Atlanta real estate market is a viable one so don’t waste it.